About Swedish Fundraising Control

Swedish Fundraising Control is a non-profit organisation. Our principals are the central organisations of the labour market – The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO), The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv).

The organisation is led by a board to which each of our principals appoints one member and one deputy member. The members appoint a chair, who must be well versed in the law and have experience as a judge, and elect one of their number as deputy chair. Swedish Fundraising Control’s secretary general is a member of the board.

The organisations to which we grant 90-accounts do not become members of our organisation. Swedish Fundraising Control has agreements with 90-account holders that they may be granted 90-accounts on condition that all board members, deputy board members and authorised signatories undertake to comply with our standards and instructions and that we have access to investigate the 90-account holder.

The aim of Swedish Fundraising Control

Our aim is to ensure that public fundraising for humanitarian, charitable, cultural and other public benefit takes place under satisfactory control, that fundraising operations are not be burdened with unreasonable costs, that sound marketing methods are used in the fundraising area and that appropriate methods for fundraising control are developed.

We decide on standards and help the holders of 90-accounts with advice and instructions. Our standards and instructions for 90-accounts must be complied with by all organisations that are approved as 90-account holders. We provide the general public, the media and other donors with information about the organisations that have 90-accounts.

The history of 90-accounts

The organisation was formed in 1980 under the name Foundation for Fundraising Control, SFI, by the labour market parties SAF (now the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), Saco, TCO and LO, as well as FAR (the organisation for the auditing and consultancy sector).

Swedish Fundraising Control took over the monitoring of public fundraising that had been performed since 1943 by the Investigation Board for Industry, which was a body within SAF. In 1943, the Investigation Board for Industry entered into an agreement with the Swedish Royal Mail that meant that the organisations controlled by the Investigation Board could have a special PostGiro number with six figures, beginning with 90. The 90-accounts have existed for 75 years. The first 90-accounts were opened in January/February 1944. Now we have an agreement with Nordea and the accounts are called PlusGiro. Today the 90-accounts have seven digits, since an extra control digit has been added.

Since 2006, Swedish Fundraising Control has also had an agreement with the same content with Bankgirocentralen. This means that foundations, non-profit organisations and religious communities that have seven-digit PlusGiro accounts and Bankgiro beginning with 90 have been investigated and approved by us. On the 1st of July 2009, we changed our name to Swedish Fundraising Control.

It is also now possible to link a Swish number to a 90-account with the corresponding number.

International activities

Charity Monitoring Worldwide (CMW), former known as ICFO – the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations, is an international association of charity monitoring organizations and the Swedish Fundraising Control is the Swedish member of CMW. The members are independent organizations that assess and monitor charities in their respective countries. We are all committed to empowering donors, volunteers and communities to make a difference effieciently and effectively. Our members are spread ocross twenty countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Site: www.charitymonitoringworldwide.org
E-mail: info@charitymonitoringworldwide.org