The monotoring of The Swedish Fundraising Control is based on 90-acount holders sending in their annual reports. It is staring from these documents that The Swedish Fundraisin Control before the public and the media can explain, that the funds donated to the 90-account holders reaches their intended purpose and that the fundraising and administrative costs has not been too high. The aim of The Swdesh Fundraising Controll besides requiring the annual reports to be sent in, also demends specific forms for income statements and balance sheet to be filled and handed in, is in the first instant that these forms provides a uniform basis for The Swedish Fundraising Controls monotoring of all the 90-account holders.

Based on the these numbers The Swedish Fundraising Control can monitor that the 90-account holders are distributing enough of their raised funds to the intended purpose and that the administrative costs are not unreasonable. The numbers in the forms are also used to provide a financial ratio for the 90-account holders.

Here you can find the Instructions for the Swedish Fundraising Control`s report package. The forms for interim report, income statment and balance sheet you find under the Swedish site "Redovisning". The checklist for budget you can find under Applications. The form for budget you can find under the Swedish site  "Ansökan".