The Swedish Foundraising Control takes the side of the donors.


We monitor the interest of the donors. There are no laws in Sweden stating how fundraising among the public is supposed to be carried out. Most fundraisers are serious, but there are also less serious ones.


The public has become more aware of the importance of 90-accounts when it comes to public fundraisings. The 90-account and our logotype  is for the donor a confirmation  that the fundraising operation is being managed in an ethical and responsible way and that the money reacheas the intended purpose (at least 75% of the total income) without excessive cost (maximum 25% of the total income). You should never, as a donor, feel that you have been cheated. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or complaints regarding a 90-account holder.

What is a 90-account?


Only the non-profit organisations, foundations or religious communities approved as 90-accounts holders by the Swedish Foundraising Control, and who are also being monitored by us can recieve a seven digit 90-account at PlusGirot and Bankgirot.


90-accounts may be used for public fundraisres by foundations, non-profit associations and religious communities approved by us. Our logotype shall be used by the organisations holding a 90-account at such fundraisers, making it easier for the public to know which fundraising organisation are serious.


Please observe that accounts starting with 91,92 etc. are not 90-accounts. Never belive in arguments saying that accounts starting with 90 have run out.


Requirements to be approved as a 90-account holder.


We place high demands on the organisations who apply to be approved as 90-account holders.


  • ● The organisation must have domicile in Sweden.


  • ● The purpose of the aim of the organisation must be defined enough to monitor.


  • ● The organisation must be managed by suitable and in econimically knowledgeable people who must have a record of non-payment of debt/or due and unpaid tax liabilities.


  • ● The organisation must have at least one auditor authorized by The Swedish Supervisory Board of Public Accountants and approved by us - a so called account auditor.

If you want to know more about our standards applying for the organisations holding 90-accounts, see the Swedish Foundraising Controls standards for 90-accounts under the tab rules application. Do you want to know more about the 90-accounts and how our monitoring is conducted see under the tab guidelines.