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The Swedish Fundraising Control is a non profit association wich
- garants 90-accounts to organisations who conducts public fundraising if these meet a strict set of demands,
- performs annual checks of all organisations with 90-accounts and
- makes sure that the fundraising activity keeps a high standard.

What is a 90-account
Only the non profit organisations, foundations and religious communities approved as  90-accounts holders by The Swedish Fundraising Control, and who are also being monitored by us can receive a seven digit 90-account at PlusGirot or Bankgirot.

90-accounts may be used for public fundraisers by foundations, non profit associations and religious communities approved by us. Our logotype shall be used by the organisations holding a 90-account at such fundraisers, making it easier for the public to know which fundraising organisations are serious.

Please observe the accounts starting with 91,92 etc. are not 90-accounts. Never believe in arguments saying that accounts starting with 90 have run out.

The Swedish Fundraising Control takes the side of the doners.

We monotor the interest of the doners. There are no laws in Sweden stating how fundraising among the public is supposed to be carried out. Most fundraisers are serious, but there are also less serious ones.

The public has become more aware of the importence of 90-accounts when it comes to public fundraisings. The 90-account and our logotype is for the donor a confirmation that the fundraising operation is being managed in a ethical and responsible way and the money goes to the intended purpose (at least 75 % of the total income) without excessive costs (maximum 25 % of the total income). You should never, as a doner, feel that you have been cheated.

About The Swedish Fundraising Control
Our Principals are FAR (The professional institute for authorized public accountants, approved public accountents and other highly qualified professionals in the accountancy sector in Sweden), The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco) and The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO).

The association is led by a board, where each principal appoints a member and a substitute member. The members in the board appoint a chariman, who must be legally trained and experienced as a Justice . The  Secretary General of The Swedish Fundraising Control is part of the board.

The aim of The Swedish Fundraising Control is to work to ensure that fundraising activities among the public for humanitarian, charitable and culture purposes, environmental protection, conservation of nature and other public benifit aims is safely monitoried, that collections are not burdened with excessive costs, that sound marketing techniques are used in fundraising activities and appropriate methods for fundraising control is developed.

We give out standars and instructions for the 90-account holders, and provide holders with advice when needed. Our standards and instructions must be followed by all the organisations that we have approved as 90-account holders.

We provide information for the public regarding the organisations that has a 90-account.

Requirements to be approved as a 90-account holder

We place high demends on the organisations who apply to be approved as  90-account holders.

The organisation must have its domicile office in Sweden.

The purpose of the aim of the organisation must be defined enogh to monitor.

The organisations must be manged by suitable and economically knowledgeable people who must have a record of non-payment of debt and/or due and unpaid tax liabilities.

The organisation must have at least one auditor authorized by The Swedish Supervisory Board of Public Accountants and approved by as - a so called an account auditor.

If you want to know more about the standards applying for the organisations holding 90-accounts, see The Swedish Fundraising Control`s standards for 90-accounts under the tab rules Application. Do you want to know more about 90-accounts and how our monitoring is conducted, see the attached description below in the PDF-file monotoring .

International activities
Several 90-account holders transfer their raised funds to diffrent recipients abroad. We monitor as far as possible that funds really ends up in the right hands. We cooperate internationally with monitoring organisations in other contries trough our membership in ICFO - International Committee on Fundraising Organisations.

FRII, The Swedish Fundraising Council
A number of 90-account holders are members of the branch organisation FRII, The Swdish Fundraising Council.

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